Teaching With Technology

Who We Are As An Organization

In February 2012, members of the Division of Instructional Technology (DoIT) participated in an all-staff retreat that focused on identifying and articulating the core values of the division. As a result of the exercise, five prominent DoIT core values emerged characterizing who we are as an organization and what we believe in.

Core values define the enduring ideology of an organization. They represent an establishment's highest priorities, deepest held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces. Simply stated, core values are guiding principles that set the organization's direction and define daily actions internally as well as with the external world.

Core values do not describe an organization's work or the strategies it employs to accomplish its mission. Rather, values are the constant, underlying, foundational principles that guide our mission, vision, and strategies.

DoIT's Core Values

    Inspire Academic Success
    DoIT provides the Mason community with technology resources that meet teaching and learning needs required for academic success by being creative and resourceful; taking initiative; keeping current on best practices in the industry; and putting the client first. The cornerstones of DoIT, exhibited each day by staff, are the shared passion for innovation in higher education and working toward the common goal of exceptional customer service.

    Rise to Challenges with Ingenuity
    DoIT understands that every challenge presents a unique opportunity ("chopportunity"). DoIT serves with confidence, aims for excellence, overcomes obstacles, and finds solutions to issues through ingenuity. DoIT staff exemplify resourcefulness by striving to exceed expectations and going above and beyond the call of duty.

    Work Together
    DoIT recognizes that its employees are university citizens working toward accomplishing similar goals and that "we're all in this together." DoIT believes in establishing collaborative relationships, utilizing each other's expertise, operating as a team, pitching in when necessary, and being flexible to accommodate special needs and circumstances.

    Celebrate Contributions
    DoIT is committed to recognizing, rewarding, and celebrating staff accomplishments. We want employees to feel valued and appreciated for their unique and exemplary contributions to the organization. Through many types of acknowledgements, staff are celebrated. One example is the Gault Award, where individuals who embody "Gaultness"- a principle unique to DoIT- are honored for going the extra mile and possessing a mindset focused on the goals of the entire team.

    Take Care of Each Other
    DoIT strives to create a culture of inclusion and belonging. DoIT values each employee as if that employee were family. Individuals matter and support is provided when needed. DoIT staff mentor others; lead with compassion, vision, and direction; and provide opportunities for growth and development. DoIT believes a well-supported, valued team member is a successful team member. The motto which guides our team is "we've got your back."