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Equipment Checkout

Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT) lends audiovisual equipment to faculty, staff, and students for class use during the instructional day.


    Arlington Campus
    Please, call 703-993-8226 to reserve equipment for a class.

    Fairfax Campus
    Click here to reserve equipment for a class.

    Prince William Campus
    Please, call 703-993-8499 to reserve equipment for a class.


  • A valid Mason ID is required to pick up equipment.
  • Equipment may be checked out for a Registrar-scheduled class.
  • Your department's budget code is required for equipment checkout in case the equipment is damaged in a way inconsistent with normal wear and tear.
  • A student may pick up equipment for an instructor if his/her name is included with the request. Students must leave their Mason ID until the equipment is returned. IDs will not be given to anyone but the proper owner.
  • Equipment loan periods are typically one class period or up to three hours. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Overnight or off-campus checkout is not permitted.


For more information, call Arlington Classroom Support 703-993-8226, Fairfax Classroom Support 703-993-3456, or Prince William Classroom Support 703-993-8499.