Educational Media Services (EdMS)
  Name Title Email Work
Heather Bailey Senior Producer/Director/Lead Designer, GMU-TV hbailey2 993-3117
Timothy Caldecott Director of Engineering, GMU-TV tcaldeco 993-2933
Casey Campbell Engineer, CVT ccampbe3 993-4517
Rich Eggleton Senior Telecourse Producer/Director, GMU-TV reggleto 993-4635
Cherie Galantis Manager, CVT cgalanti 993-9555
Doug Hallock Technician, CVT dhallock 993-3150
Susan Kehoe Director, EdMS; Senior Executive Producer, GMU-TV skehoe 993-3108
Amanda Kraus Senior Producer/Director/Editor, GMU-TV akraus 993-4592
Stacey Rathbun Producer/Director, GMU-TV srathbun 993-4630
Christina Sanders Global Telepresence Specialist, CVT csander5 993-5591
Adam Scott Senior Producer/Director/Production Coordinator, GMU-TV ascott19 993-4597
Richard Wood General Manager/Executive Producer, GMU-TV rwood 993-3116
Executive Director’s Office
  Name Title Email Work
Christine Cho Events and Scheduling Administrator ccho 993-9155
Veronika Lozina Executive Administrative Assistant Vlozina 993-3178
Rebecca Stone Operations Administrator rstone6 993-5703
Learning Support Services (LSS)
  Name Title Email Work
Joseph Balducci Manager, OLR jbalducc 993-5614
Susan Campbell Learning Technologies Analyst, ID scampbel 993-3424
Joseph DiPietro Instructional Designer, ID jdipietr 993-5601
Constance Harris Manager, ID charris38 993-5950
Katrina Joseph Instructional Designer, ID kjoseph 993-3897
Ying-Ying Kuo Instructional Designer, ID ykuo3 993-4182
Aubrey Lear CLUB Administrator, LSS Labs ameusel 993-3577
Judy Luo Web Applications Developer, OLR jluo2 993-5241
Carey McDaniel LMS Administrator, OLR cmcdani1 993-4735
Jim McLean Instructional Technologist, OLR jmclean2 993-3637
Larisa Olesova Instructional Designer, ID lolesova 993-4177
Rick Reo Instructional Designer, ID rreo 993-8536
Anne Saul STAR Lab Administrator, LSS Labs aoutterb 993-2056
Tamara Schweinsberg e-Portal/Community System Administrator, OLR tschwein 993-9772
Marlys Shoup Manager, Training and Certification mshoup 993-3371
Sean Stevens Manager, LSS Labs sstevens 993-1107
Eric Tateosian LMS Administrator, OLR etateosi 993-5659
Joy Taylor Director, Learning Support Services jtaylo16 993-5270
Chris Tilley CLUB Administrator – Arlington, LSS Labs ctilley3 993-7553
Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT)
  Name Title Email Work
Rodrigo Alva Project Manager ralva 993-5069
Raymond Cabahug Prince William Support Technician rcabahug 993-4796
Crystal Clemons Learning Space Design Manager cclemons 993-4696
John Donohue AV Systems Engineer jdonohue 993-6094
Michael Fletcher Manager, Computing Services mfletch3 993-3134
Mitchell Fletcher System Administrator mfletch5 993-6056
Chris Galvan Fairfax Support Technician cgalvan1 993-3668
Masoud Karkehabadi Prince William Lead Support Technician mkarkeha 993-4577
Wayne Kirschner Academic Infrastructure Administrator wkirschn 993-3329
Brian Ko Fairfax Support Technician bko 993-5684
Philip Kopyscinski Fairfax Support Technician pkopysci 993-5452
Chang Lee Systems Deployment Team Lead clee2 993-4745
Johanna Lizardi Technology Operations Coordinator jlizardi 993-3490
Alexander Loper Systems Deployment Technician aloper 993-3422
Saied Miremadi Manager, Regional Campus Support smiremad 993-3433
Tim Murphy Director, Classroom & Lab Technologies tmurph13 993-7616
Tho Nguyen Systems Deployment Technician tng5 993-4609
Benjamin Patton Fairfax Support Technician bpatton1 993-9636
Zane Phipps Manager, Fairfax Campus Support zphipps 993-2205
LeAnn Pittman Project Manager kpittman 993-4963
Eric Potter Fairfax Support Technician epotter 993-4371
Troy Powers Fairfax Support Technician Tpowers3 993-5863
Nicholas Smith Arlington Lead Support Technician nsmithc 993-4875
Charles Thilking Systems Imaging Technician cthilkin 993-2206
Al Underwood Arlington Support Technician aunderwo 993-9447
Andre Wilson Wage Supervisor/Fairfax Support Technician awilso14 993-5415
Aref Zahed Arlington Lead Support Technician azahed 993-8235
Communication and Planning (CAP)
  Name Title Email Work
Nathalie Lam Web Content Developer nlam 993-3812
Lauren Reese Communication and Planning Specialist lreese3 993-6190