Faculty and Staff – FAQs

Who can use the VCL?
Every Mason faculty, staff, and student has access to the VCL using their Mason credentials. Once on the VCL site, select “Mason Credentials” and click the “Proceed to Login” button. Your credentials for the VCL are the same as for PatriotWeb and your Mason e-mail.

What requirements are there to access the VCL?
The only requirements to access the VCL are your Mason credentials and a computer with an active Internet connection and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

What is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?
A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) file is a standard, formatted file for the Windows Remote Desktop Client. This file automatically connects you to your remote resource.  There is Remote Desktop Protocol clients available for Mac click here to download.

How do I save my work?
By default, you should have access to all your local drives while using the VCL. When saving a file, select the drive that is of the following format (C: on ComputerName). (Note: ComputerName will be the name of the computer you are connecting from). Save the document into this drive on your local machine as you normally would. When your session ends any unsaved work will be lost.

How do I print from the VCL?
All local printers should be available for use while utilizing the VCL.

How do I modify or cancel my reservation?
To modify your reservation: When logged into the VCL website, select “Current Reservations” from the left side bar. Click the “Edit” button of the reservation you would like to modify. From here you can extend the length or change the date and time of your reservation. Click “Confirm Changes” when you have finished modifying your reservation.

To cancel your reservation: When logged into the VCL website, select “Current Reservations” from the left side bar. Click the “End” button of the reservation you would like to delete.

What do I do if I get disconnected?
If you accidentally close out or get disconnected, you can reconnect within your reservation time. However, your reservation will end if you do not reconnect within 15 minutes. Your session will remain active until the reservation ends or sits idle for more than 15 minutes.

How will I know when my reservation time is up?
As you near the end of your reservation, you will receive a message warning you that there are 10 minutes remaining in your session and to save your work. When your session completely ends, you will be disconnected and any unsaved work will be lost.

Can I reserve sessions on the VCL for my students?
Faculty can request a block reservation for their students. This allows software for the students to be reserved for the period of time requested. To request a block reservation, e-mail VCLhelp@gmu.edu.

How do I request course access to the VCL?
If a course has a designated image for the VCL, the professor of the course must place the request.

How do I get special software on the VCL?
Currently, software requests can be submitted to VCLhelp@gmu.edu and a support technician will be in touch to coordinate the requirements. Software loaded onto the VCL requires specific licensing or it cannot be loaded. Please allow one business day for response to your request.

Can I have my own image on the VCL?
No, images are checked out and returned at the end of each session.

How does Mason provide the VCL to students, faculty, and staff?
George Mason University is a member of the IBM Cloud Academy, which is finding new and innovative ways to implement cloud computing within schools and universities globally. Through its membership in the IBM Cloud Academy, the Mason community connects with educational leaders, who are also implementing cloud solutions, resulting in best practices that benefit the broader educational community.