PBworks Wiki

PBworks Wiki is a Mason-sponsored, commercially hosted service based on a campus edition license arrangement with PBworks.com. Wikis are digital documents or complete websites that enable collaborative editing which is controlled by assigning author roles. Wikipedia is an example of this technology. PBworks Wikis (or workspaces) augment existing institutional options for file sharing, document management, and website development.

Requests for wikis under our campus license are available to faculty and staff only. There is no limit to the number of requests that can be made for your Mason courses or research projects. There are, however, limitations on how long an expired course wiki may be archived under the Mason campus license (see Policy below).

Learning Impact: PBworks Wiki provides web 2.0-style instructional activities that foster student social interaction around collaborative writing, document sharing, web page editing, and content tagging.


  • Request a wiki for your course or project
  • Once created, add students or other users to your wiki or use the self-registration feature


There are specific policies related to how long a wiki will stay active in the Mason PBworks campus license. Read the course retention policy on the PBworks Wiki support.


For more information, contact Courses Support at 703-993-3141 or courses@gmu.edu.