Videoconferencing Rates

Outside Organization
to Offsite
to GMU
Room Cost Determined by Events Management None*** None*** None***
ISDN Call384 kbps $60/hr ISDN $21.60/hr Outbound$0/hr Inbound n/a $21.60/hr Outbound$0/hr Inbound
IP Network $60/hr

$0/hr IP

No charge

$0/hr IP

Equipment Setup &Pre-conference Coordination $100/hr (for the first hour of pre-conference coordination ) $50/day (for the first hour of pre-conference coordination) No charge No charge
Technical Staffing $80/hr(required) $30/hr(required) No Charge* No charge
AdditionalPre-Conference Coordination(>1hr) $40/hr $30/hr No charge* No charge
Total Cost for 1 hr(typical) Room cost+$240(typical) $80-$102(typical) None(typical) None(typical)
Total Cost for 2 hr(typical) Room cost+$380
$110-$153(typical) None(typical) None(typical)

* No charge for technical support includes basic training on the system and on-call technical support. If technical staff is requested to be present in the room during the entire conference, there will be a $30/coordination charge.

** Videoconferencing classes are defined as class that are scheduled through the Registrar‘s Office and approved by CVT as semester long classes. Other academic purposes, including standard class time, are considered “GMU to GMU Meetings” or “GMU to Offsite” category.

*** Large scale events may incur additional technical support or room charges. Additional charges apply for International ISDN calls. For rates, call CVT at 703-993-5580 or e-mail

ISDN costs – Domestic long distance is $21.60/hr for 384kbps, local ISDN charges are $7.20/hr for and 384kbps. International rates will vary.

Please see the Videoconferencing Charge-Back Policies for more information.

Example Charges:

1) Your department has offices on all Mason campuses and would like to videoconference a meeting between Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, and Prince William:

Total Cost: $0

2) You are a Mason faculty or staff member and need to videoconference to another university. The videoconference will be over IP network for 1.5 hours:

$50 for equipment/pre-conference setup = $50

$30 for Technical Staffing x 1.5 hours = $45

Total Cost = $95

3) You are a Mason faculty or staff member and need to videoconference to another university over ISDN for two hours:

$50 for equipment/pre-conference setup= $50

$30/hr for Technical Staffing x 2 hours = $60

$21.60/hr for ISDN at 384kbps x 2 hours = $43.20

Total Cost = $153.20