Technology Conference Room

The Technology Conference Room seats 20 people and features a projector, a presentation computer, a video conferencing package, and plugs for laptops to connect to the room’s technology.


  • Appointments are required. Contact the CLUB administrator to make a reservation.
  • Users must check in at the front desk upon arrival.
  • If you unfamiliar with the space, CLUB lab assistants can assist you. Please indicate that you will require assistance when making your reservation.


  • This room is available to faculty, staff, and recognized student organizations.
  • Dryerase markers are not provided.


The conference room is located in the Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB) in the Johnson Center, Room 311D. For additional questions or to make a reservation, call the CLUB administrator at 703-993-3577. For videoconferencing support, call 703-993-5580 or e-mail