CLUB-Collaborative Learning Hub

The Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB) supports effective teaching and learning with technology to enhance learning experiences and the quality of work life at the university for current students, teaching faculty, instructional support staff, and academic units seeking to improve instruction. The CLUB provides training and support for instructional improvement and technology to enhance student learning, supports the use of technology-based courseware in classrooms, and supports instructional initiatives university-wide.

Our walk-in lab features 10 PC workstations, 2 Mac workstations, a walk up help bar, and collaborative spaces that include digital imaging, Camtasia video editing software, web development, Scantron score machine, scanning, and a host of other software applications.

The CLUB offers a full schedule of free workshops, walk-in and prearranged consultations, technology showcases, instruction in the effective use of electronic teaching environments, support for course management tools, and resources for learning about technology use.


    • Operating System: Windows 7, 64 bit 6.1

System Inputs:

    • DVD R/RW (Allows for CD R/RW)
    • 2 USB Ports (Front)
    • 1 Firewire Ports (Front)
    • 2 Firewire Ports (Front)
    • Headphone Out (Front)
    • Microphone In (Front)


    • Operating System: Mac OS X version 10.8

System Inputs:

  • 2 Firewire Port (Front)
  • 2 USB Port (Front)
  • Headphone Out (Front)


Fall and Spring
Monday thru Thursday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Summer and Semester Breaks
Monday thru Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

  • Upon entering the lab, guests are required to sign in. The information you supply helps provide the best service possible.
  • Lab assistants are technology specialists available in CLUB operated spaces. To arrange an appointment with a lab assistant call 703-993-3141 or e-mail


  • Lab guests are prohibited from installing software on computers.
  • Computers are available for educational purposes and we reserve the right to ask guests to leave if we feel their usage of the computer is not appropriate. Examples of inappropriate use and/or behavior may include but are not limited to:
  • Use of lab equipment to access instant messaging, non-school related e-mail, or social interaction websites (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
  • Use of lab equipment to play games, watch movies, view pictures, or listen to music
  • Attempting to perform any illegal or harmful activity, such as hacking, data theft, or destruction of personal property
  • Consumption of food


The walk-in lab is located in Johnson Center, Room 311. For questions, contact the Collaborative Learning Hub at 703-993-3141 or e-mail